MailChimp Marketer

First, why do I recommend Mailchimp to people who are getting started with an email newsletter?

  1. Mailchimp is one of the easiest email systems that I’ve seen and has limited (but just enough!) features, making it great for beginners or intermediate users.
  2. Mailchimp is FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers, which can’t be said of, well, any other platform that I know of.
  3. It’s extremely popular, so it integrates seamlessly with tons of other softwares.
  4. It includes a drag and drop editor, so designing your newsletters is a piece of cake (chocolate, if we’re taking orders).

Basically, it’s the best one to use, and if you’re new to email marketing, it’s the place to be.

I’m going to be covering everything you should know, including:

  • What are”campaigns” and “lists”?
  • How do you create a subscription form where people can sign up for your newsletter?
  • How to design your newsletter and subscription form without code.
  • How to send your first newsletter.
  • Why you need to change your mailing address and how to do it.
  • What automation is and some clever ways to use it.

Now, let’s jump right into this tutorial, y’all. There’s a lot to cover!

First, if you prefer to watch things on video, I recorded a video tutorial for you right down below. This tutorial covers just about everything that’s in the rest of the post and works really well if you want to set up your account and get started as I’m explaining how to do things. Make sure to watch it in HD!


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