1. Go to www.salonidmhq.com/start/ and click Set Up My Business

2. Fill out the form with your email, password, and phone number and tap SIGN UP or continue sign-up with Facebook.

3. Continue onboarding by adding your first name, last name, and business name which will appear on your profile then tap SAVE AND CONTINUE 

You’ve now created your HQ Network professional account and are almost ready!

Next: We will be in touch!

We are made up of a team made up of designers, developers, marketers, and content writers and often we need to update our portfolios. We provide our services completely free of cost in return we can create a better business to business relationship.

Some things are outsourced to help keep cost fairly low but you get the picture 🙂


Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting website at anytime. Log into your Administration Dashboard click My Account and Choose your plan.

Your new plan will begin at the end of your current billing period.

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