Top Sales Names 2020

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Extra Discounts on Already Reduced Merchandise

This powerful title attracts customers because it suggests discounts on top of discounts. Typically, you will see this listed as “Take an Extra 25% Lowest Price Marked”. Since cash is king, this is a great sales event to clear out dead stock. 

Midnight Madness

This sale isn’t new but continues to work very effectively. When you have a sale during off hours, you create experiences that are special, different, and exciting.

Buy One Get One Free

Commonly used during the end of the season, this very popular sale is loved by all, especially retailers whose goal is to sell more products. It creates a perceived discount among customers at a minimal cost to the retailer. Note that “Buy One Get One Half Off” is less popular and is typically used at the beginning of a season.

Half of Half

It is easily one of the most popular phrases, and it’s used at the end of the season. It’s a more attractive and convincing way of saying “75% Off.” Customers think they’re getting more than what they’re getting.

Over Stacked and Over Stocked

Many stores have a tendency to buy a lot of inventory, and this is the perfect sale term for them. It communicates to customers you want to get rid of products fast.

Customer Appreciation Week Sale

We’re prone to focus on the new customer and ignore the loyal customer. This sale celebrates those customers who participate in our awards programs and shop our stores time and time again.

Manager’s Sale

This sale is far more powerful than it looks. It’s a sale from the person on the front lines. It’s also a new way of saying, “We’re having a sale event.”

The Boss Is Away Sale

This sale puts a smile on customers’ faces. They can all relate to it. It’s another way of saying everything is on sale, but nothing is really on sale.

Wall-to-Wall Sale

It is without a doubt the most popular of all these sale terms and has been popularized by liquidation companies that discount everything in the store. Wall-to-wall is a way to say “liquidation sale” or “going-out-of-business sale” without using harsh terms.

Last Chance to Save Sale

This sale creates a sense of urgency among buyers. It says that you’re getting down and dirty with your prices, but it uses classier words.

Mega Sale

Similar to wall-to-wall sale, the mega sale is a major event where everything is discounted.

7-Day Coupon Sale

Coupons continue to be a powerful sale strategy that all retailers should leverage.

We Have Lowered Prices Again

It is another sale used toward the end of the season. It says you’ve already reduced prices, and now you’re reducing them again. It’s a sale on top of a sale.

Rock Bottom Sale

This sale offers your lowest prices ever. It tells customers that now is the time to come in. It also infers that merchandise might not be top quality, so use it wisely.

Backroom Sale

This sale creates an illusion that you’ve taken merchandise out from the back and brought it on the floor for the first time. It’s the reserve inventory that’s new and exciting for customers.

Parking Lot Sale

It is a new expression for the old-fashioned “sidewalk sale.” For some reason, if you place merchandise outside your door on the street, people will flock towards you.

Deal of the Century

This sale overstates that you have a strong promotional item sold at a price customers can’t find anywhere else.

Beat the Clock Sale

This sale creates urgency by blocking a window of time (e.g., 1PM-9PM; 9AM-12PM) when customers can purchase products at a discount.

The Early Bird Sale

Think of the post-Thanksgiving sale that starts at midnight. It creates competition that generates a sense of urgency.

Name Your Price (No Reasonable Offer Refused) Sale

Most people will offer more than what you expect. If someone makes a ridiculous offer, tell them the offer isn’t reasonable. 


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